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Team-based Software Development

Course in WS 2016/17


Maximum Team-size reached!
This year we received a very large number of registrations and have already received a maximum team size for the project.
There is still the possibility to be included on a waiting list in case that already registered students withdraw their registration again.


In this project, you will experience Software Engineering in a larger team in a practical context.
In the context of this project, John Deere will be your customer, for which a software product needs to be developed.

You will run through a complete development process and perform activities such as requirements engineering, interaction design, architectural design, component engineering, quality assurance, and also project management.

This project provides you with the chance to experience development in an industrial context, gain agricultural domain knowledge, and get in touch with new trends / evaluate new technologies to support logistic scenarios / job management tasks in the agricultural domain.


The master project will be performed en block from beginning of October 2017 to mid of December 2017.

The project will start with an official kick-off meeting and several tutorial sessions in which you will be provided with knowlegde about methods, tools, etc. that you can use during the project.

As some organizational issues still need to be clarified, the exact date for the kick-off meeting and official end of project can't be announced at this point in time (but will be announced soon)!

Please be aware that you are expected to work ~240 hours in the project.
Moreover it is expected that you should continously work in the project from beginning to the end!

In order to complete the working hours, you should work full-time until lectures start at university (October 23th 2017) and part-time during lecture times until the end of the project.

All upcoming information will be announced via this project website.



If you have any further questions, please contact Anne Hess (