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Software-Cluster "Softwareinnovationen für das Digitale Unternehmen"

Many globally renowned manufacturers of business software are located in Germany, which is one of the particular strengths of the German economy. However, a considerable amount of competition exists with, for example, powerful software companies and countries with large and strong IT economies, such as India. A strengthening of the important position held by the Germany economy in the business software sector, which includes the safeguarding of jobs in this area, is therefore one of the primary objectives. In view of these challenges, various companies and research institutes from this sector in Southwest Germany have joined forces to form the Software Cluster.

Software-Cluster 'Softwareinnovationen für das Digitale Unternehmen'

Science and Innovation Alliance Kaiserslautern

Im Frühjahr 2007 haben sich acht renommierte Forschungsinstitute und die TU Kaiserslautern zur Science Alliance Kaiserslautern e.V. zusammengeschlossen. Durch eine gemeinsame Öffentlichkeitsarbeit soll das vorhandene wissenschaftliche Know-how am Standort Kaiserslautern präsentiert werden.

science alliance

Software Technologie Initiative Kaiserslautern e.V.

The STI (Software Technologie Initiative e.v.) provides various services in the area of software engineering especially focusing on small and medium sized companies. Including continuing education as well as consulting, it supports exchange of and access to research and development in an area that is vital for industry. Founded in 1997 as a membership corporation, the STI is operating an office in Kaiserslautern in strong corporation with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE).

science alliance


ISERN (International Software Engineering Research Network) is a research initiative funded in 1992. It is dedicated to improving methods for empirical research. ISERN is a community that believes software engineering research needs to be performed in an experimental context. By doing this we will be able to observe and experiment with the technologies in use, understand their weaknesses and strengths,tailor the technologies for the goals and characteristics of particular projects and package them together with empirically gained experience to enhance their reuse potential in future projects.

The founding ISERN members chose the Quality Improvement Paradigm as the reference model to provide a common terminology for their cooperation.

The ISERN Experiment Family: A joint research project with contributions from many ISERN members


Learning Software Organizations 2001

The LSO workshop series is designed as a communication forum that addresses the questions of organizational learning from a software point of view and builds upon existing work on knowledge management and organizational learning. It aims at bringing together practitioners for an open exchange of experience with successes and failures in organizational learning and will provide an opportunity to meet researchers to learn about new ideas. Fostering interdisciplinary approaches is one key concern of this workshop series.