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Hints and aids for the seminar

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General Hints

The general hints are captured in the general seminar guidelines.

Outline / Table of Contents

The outline / table of contents (which has to be submitted on the first deadline) should include the section titles for your paper and a few sentences or bullet-points per section. The intention behind writing an outline in the beginning is the following: We also provide you an example of an annotated TOC.

Links how to write a paper/seminar report

Here are some advice on writing your term paper in addition to the general guidelines:

Links how to do a review

The following links provide some guidelines how the review should be done. Although they are geared more towards paper reviews in a scientific conference/journal setting, many of the reviewing concepts are still applicable in this review task.

Links how to do a presentation

Some bright people have given up their time to write some tips on how to do a presentation. As with other tips given on this page, we can’t encourage you enough to read them.