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Seminar on Software Engineering WS2016

Bachelor/Master Seminar on Software Engineering in Winter Semester 2016(89-3311)

We offer in Winter Semester 2016 a Master/Bachelor seminar.


General Remarks

The goal of a seminar is to introduce students to the major constituent of scientific method that is concerned with critically reading, understanding, summarizing, explaining and presenting existing scientific papers.

There are some guidelines and hints → described here.

Registration and Selection

The topics have been assigned (see here). A detailled descriptions of the topics is also given (see here)

We are sorry, that we cannot offer to each one a topic. Hence, we would like you to redirect to the other seminars in our department. If you have software engineering as specialization, we also allow you to take any other seminar from computer science department. As some of you are in the last or second last semester and in specialization software engineering: If you cannot find any seminar topic in the department, please let us know so that we ask our department for a solution.

Organizational Issues

The organizational issues are described in the introduction slides and will be discussed at the kick-off meeting on October 19, 2016, at 11:30 h in 36-265 . The kick-off meeting is mandatory, only participants of the meeting are allowed to take part in the seminar. If you are hindered, please make an appointment with Christian Wolschke.

All information about the LCNS style are given by Springer company (click here to go on their corresponding website).

The review and the rejoinder templates and examples are given here. All word documents are also delivered as PDFs.

Final Presentations

The PowerPoint-Template is the mandatory template. The presentation dates are given in the Topic assignment sheet. You must attend all presentations of your presentation slot. All presentations take place in 32-426.

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