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Bachelor/Master Seminar on Software Engineering in Summer Semester 2018(89-3311)

We offer in Summer Semester 2018 a Bachelor/Master seminar.


Which seminars are offered?

In Summer Semester 2018 there are two software engineering seminars offered, one by Prof. Rombach and one by Prof. Hinze. The seminar topics by Prof. Rombach are usually driven by the Fraunhofer IESE having a practically and empiral focus. The topic of Prof. Hinze and the working group of softech deal with programming language, compilers and verification of software.

How can I get a seminar place?

You can enroll at the OLAT website to either the one or other seminar until March 18th (23:59 h). An enrollment in both seminars is not possible. Usually we have more students than available seminar places. Hence, we will decide by early April which students are selected from the enrollment list for the seminar. So the enrollment just states your interest in participation, the selection of students will be announced by beginning of April.

What if I was not selected for the seminar?

If you are not selected for the seminar, you may either wait for the next semester (but there is no guarantee, that you are selected then) or you may look for any other seminar in the department in computer science. For master students: If you take the other seminar, please ask your mentor to change your study plan before you start the other seminar. For bachelor students: If you take the other seminar, please ask at examination office, whether this is possible before you start the other seminar.

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